Life Remodeled - Mark Besh

Mark Besh - Life Remodeled - Detroit, MI

I’d like you to meet Mark Besh, big league marketing professional, inspirational leader and fellow Life Remodeled photographer. And he smiles continuously, especially while making photographs.

Mark and I met years ago while making the big ‘X’ photo at the start of TEDxDetroit. He was the guy herding the mass of humanity into the shape of an X, so all I had to do was frame the photo and press the shutter. While I might have been the lead photographer, charged with getting a legion of pro photographers to donate a day of shooting for the benefit our fair city; Mark’s was the more challenging assignment to start the day.

After a couple of years, playing ‘you herd and I’ll press the shutter’ Mark casually asked if I might help him with a little project he was working on called Life Remodeled. I felt like I owed him, so I asked for details. He told me it was a six-day project in a Detroit neighborhood anchored by a high school (in this case Cody HS on the far west side). He told me there would be maybe 10,000 volunteers doing cleanup, paint up and fix up for a whole week, but I didn’t have to be there for all six days, just as much time as I could afford. Sounded great.

I showed up early Monday morning, maybe 7:40 for an 8:00am start. The parking lot had maybe two cars, mine made 3. This thing was a bust, was my first thought. I walked across a large empty field toward a couple of GM coaches I saw arriving, first two, then three and four. Pretty soon all the passengers were getting off the buses, and heading straight for some tents I had overlooked when I arrived. I shot some photos of the folks getting off the buses. And as I turned to follow, I now noted the parking area was now about half full. When I got to the tent, I found Mark and received my first of many Life Remodeled t-shirts. He explained the LR project to me, and I wandered off to make pictures. That lasted till about noon, but I returned for a couple of hours later in the week. I was impressed by how much work 10,000 volunteers can do.

Fast forward about 5 years, and I’m now the lead photographer for Life Remodeled. Mark has been promoted to management. We are still recording the LR efforts during the six-day project and a few fund-raising events held during the year around metro Detroit. And I’m still amazed by the energy, and smile, that Mark brings to this effort.

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Hydromat Rotary Machining Center–Wyandotte, MI

Rotary Machining Center–Wyandotte, MI

Machinist – KBK Tool – Skokie, IL

Machinist–KBK Tool–Skokie, IL

Machine Operator – X–L Engineering – Niles, IL

Machinist–X–L Engineering–Niles, IL

Sescoi Panorama for IMTS – Warren, MI

Sescoi Panorama–Warren, MI

Auto Seat Testing – Farmington Hills, MI

Auto Seat Testing–Farmington Hills, MI

Kongsberg Automotive – Farmington Hills, MI - Annual Report

Kongsberg Automotive–Farmington Hills, MI

Cross Hüller Transfer Machine –Fraser, MI - Ford Engine

Cross Hüller Transfer Machine–Fraser, MI

Clutches–Borg&Beck; Catalog Cover; Formica


Gold Tool Award–Chrysler Corporation; Gold-Plated; Channellocks

Gold Tool Award–Chrysler Corporation

Tammany Bank–Antiques Show Booklet Cover; Christ Church Antiques Show; Mechanical Bank

Tammany Bank–Antiques Show Booklet Cover

Cooling Pipes–MST–South Lyon, MI; seamless tubing; offshore oil-drilling; high-pressure steam

Cooling Pipes–MST–South Lyon, MI

Stained–Glass Artisan–Mt. Vernon, NY; Rohlf's Stained and Leaded Glass Studio

Stained–Glass Artisan–Mt. Vernon, NY

Precision Ground Gears–Delta Gear–Livonia, MI; Jet Engines; RYB Communications

Precision Ground Gears–Delta Gear–Livonia, MI

Brendan Ross, Photographer; Black Leather Messenger Bag; T Michael Collection

Leather Messenger Bag-T Michael Collection Detroit, MI

Stryke Lacrosse Helmet - Warrior Sports Inc.

Stryke Lacrosse Helmet - Warrior Sports Inc. Warren, MI

Pinions–Milwaukee Gear-Milwaukee, WI; United Grinding Technologies; RYB Communications;

Precision Pinions–Milwaukee Gear–Milwaukee, WI


My Pal Val - Video - TEDxDetroit 2013

Video from TEDxDetroit

Stained Glass Video; Christ Church Grosse Pointe; Rohlf's Stained and Leaded Glass Studio;

Stained Glass Studio Tour

Grinding Machine Animation; Total Grinding Solutions; CL-6020; GCH Tools; Warren, MI

Grinding Machine Animation

Retractable Syringe Video

Retractable Syringe Video


Couture Wedding Gown–Royal Oak, MI

Couture Wedding Gown–Royal Oak, MI

Asian Business Woman–Comerica Bank

Business Woman–Comerica Bank

Booklet Cover–Wealth&Institutional Management–Comerica Bank

Booklet Cover–Wealth&Institutional Management–Comerica Bank

Jack White/White Stripes – Masonic Temple–Detroit, MI

Jack White/White Stripes–Masonic Temple

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank - Detroit, MI

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank - Detroit, MI

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank - Detroit, MI

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank - Detroit, MI

Rack Brochures for Comerica Bank

Joe Hennessey – River Oaks Ford –Calumet City, IL

Joe Hennessey–River Oaks Ford

Fritz & Karen Henderson–National Kidney Foundation Gala 2008; Fritz Henderson; President and CEO of General Motors

Fritz&Karen Henderson–National Kidney Foundation Gala 2008

Wedding Dance–Grosse Pointe, MI; Wedding Tent; Celebration

Wedding Dance–Grosse Pointe, MI

Procession–Christ Church–Grosse Pointe, MI

Procession–Christ Church–Grosse Pointe, MI

LA|Fitness–Warren, MI; Spinning

LA|Fitness–Warren, MI

Exercise Equipment - LA|Fitness; Troy, MI; Fitness; Health Club

Exercise Equipment - LA|Fitness - Troy, MI

Maechling Family–Grosse Pointe, MI

Maechling Family–Grosse Pointe, MI

Madonna & Child

NKFM Zoo Walk 2015 - Madonna & Child - Royal Oak, MI

TEDxDetroit Presenter,  Alicia Michilli with Guitar

TEDxDetroit - Alicia Michilli - Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI

Three Amigos - Life Remodeled - Detroit, MI

Three Amigos - Life Remodeled - Detroit, MI

Sophie with Glasses

Sophie with Glasses - Boston, MA

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil - Christ Church Grosse Pointe


Antiques Show Chairman - Libby Candler – Grosse Pointe, MI

Libby Candler–Grosse Pointe, MI

Edward Duke–Attorney

Edward Duke–Attorney

Canadian Artist Portrait – Jesse Gledhill

Artist Portrait–Jesse Gledhill

Collision Shop Equipment – Car–O–Liner – Austin, TX; Robert Joyner, Owner of Continental Collision

Collision Shop–Car–O–Liner–Austin, TX

Tom Brzezina–MFA President–Troy, MI; Conference Room; Atrium; Executive

Tom Brzezina–MFA President–Troy, MI


First Grandchild - Sophie - Boston, MA

Janice Gennone–Courland Automotive Practice (Detroit); International Law Firm

Janice Gennone–Courland Automotive Practice (Detroit)


Chrysler 300c Cockpit - Auburn Hills, MI for GE Plastics

Chrysler 300c Cockpit–Studio–Auburn Hills, MI

Volkswagen Beetle – GE Plastics Corporate Ad

Volkswagen Beetle–GE Plastics Corporate Ad

Dodge Pickup Truck – GE Plastics - Studio B

Dodge Pickup Truck–GE Plastics

Mustang 6–speed–Michael Flora Associates; Dean Sellers Ford; Comerica Bank; National Dealer Service; Detroit; Motor City; Gearshift

Mustang 6–speed–Michael Flora Associates

Nissan X–Terra – GE Plastics

Nissan X–Terra–GE Plastics


Chicken Tenders–Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Chicken Tenders–Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Bread–Dakota Bread Co.-West Bloomfield, MI

Bread–Dakota Bread Co.

Garlic Bread with Ingredients–Hungry Howie’s Test Kitchen

Garlic Bread with Ingredients–Hungry Howie’s Test Kitchen

Calzone with Ingredients–Hungry Howie’s Test Kitchen

Calzone with Ingredients–Hungry Howie’s Test Kitchen

Three Pizzas with Ingredients – Hungry Howie's Test Kitchen - Madison Heights, MI

Three Pizzas with Ingredients–Madison Heights, MI

Quinoa Side Dish–Urbane Grain–San Jose, CA; Paul Olson; IMG Holdings

Quinoa Side Dish–Urbane Grain–San Jose, CA

Christmas Shopping–Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Christmas Shopping–Hungry Howie’s Pizza


Residential Interior – Sotheby’s - Birmingham, MI

Residential Interior–Sotheby’s

Maple Center Office Building – Troy, MI

Maple Center–Troy, MI

Family Room - New Home Development–Woodhaven, MI

New Home Development–Woodhaven, MI

Kitchen - New Home Development–Platinum Publishing Co.

New Home Development–Platinum Publishing Co.

NTN Building – Farmington Hills, MI - Roller Bearings

NTN Building–Farmington Hills, MI

Mirepoix Cooking School–Royal Oak, MI; Holiday Market; Viking Ranges

Mirepoix Cooking School–Royal Oak, MI

Blue Angels–Naval Aviation Museum–Pensacola, FL;

Blue Angels–Naval Aviation Museum–Pensacola, FL

Photo of Large Home–Bloomfield Hills, MI; Know Advertising; RD White Co.;

Courtyard of Large Home–Bloomfield Hills, MI

Detroit Skyline @ Sunrise; Social Media Club of Detroit; Facebook

Detroit Skyline @ Sunrise

My Studio Entrance–Detroit, MI; 3434 Russell Street; FD Lofts; Eastern Market

My Studio Entrance–Detroit, MI

Interior Design - Electro-Matic Products; EMP; Farmington Hills, MI

Interior Design - Electro-Matic Products - Farmington Hills, MI

New Studio; Green Garage Detroit; Co-Working Space

My New Studio - Green Garage - Detroit, MI